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     "EILISHA" cultural image of the brand, founded its the principle of classic, luxurious and unique United Kingdom Royal and noble styles, based on epidemic factors of integration, which is the reason product wing charm. Maintaining classic and high quality, the first-class craft production, durable and practical performance combined with a beautifully simple and generous and elegant, "EILISHA" is not only a symbol of identity, status, more known as luxury home decoration boutique enables you life will never be outdated.

     "EILISHA" brand from the United Kingdom, Fusion world wallpaper cultural essence, Tungkang luxury, classic wallpaper information. Noble and elegant, calm and generous, leisure and elegant wallpapers for language, telling the times, wealthy elite lifestyle of wealth and life sentiment. Romance and simplicity, rationality and calm, dignified and motropolitan, maturity and honor and glory and dream are inherent in the chest, by wind-driven water, flow with the spirit everywhere complexity luxury temperament.

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