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A basic conditions, pasting wallpaper:

1, is widely used flat, angular vertical balance of yin and Yang, wall-drying, and point angle and diagonal lines.

2, moisture-proof walls required after drying oil (varnish), handle the wall surface smooth, wipe the wall with their hands is not powdery mildews occurred on hand.

3, after pasting wallpaper, does not open the window you want to maintain for five days, natural dry wallpaper, more attention in the winter heating period, so as to avoid cracking due to wallpaper drying too quickly.

Second, wallpaper, wall tile installation precautions before:

Tiling wallpaper, the wall cloth you should choose air relative humidity below 85%, there should be drastic changes in temperature, must be avoided during the wet season and wet on the wall, wallpaper, wall construction. To wallpaper, the wall cloth shops are beautiful and durable, less sparkling warp, wallpaper, wall construction walls before treatment is very important. Prepare stickers wallpaper, wall cloth wall surface shall be flat and dry, no dirt, dust. Before the wallpaper, the wall cloth of paving, we recommend that it is best to apply a layer of polyester paint on the walls for moisture-proof mold. Liquid overflow when pasting wallpaper, the wall cloth adhesive should be kept clean with a clean towel, especially the wallpaper, the wall cloth clean before the glue trace of seams. Request wallpaper, the wall cloth construction workers cleaning the hands and tools to maintain a high level of, such as the wallpaper, the wall cloth stained stains, rinse with SOAP and water or detergent in a timely manner.

Three, the following was posted wallpaper wallpaper paste method:

The tools and materials used are: glue, brush, towel, sponge, sand paper, cutter, scraper, measuring tape, adhesive container containers, etc.

(A) the basic procedures for posting:

1. wall surface processing: with scraping plate and will wall surface impurities, overburden scraping except, au hole crack with gypsum powder shop good mill flat, as wall surface texture soft or has powder layer and sweep had latex paint of, is should first brushing once wallpaper base film (but personal believes that also is varnish or light oil will better, but varnish like does not environmental), makes wall surface solid, wallpaper only does not shedding.

2. cutting wallpaper: measuring the wall height, and then cropped length of wallpaper, there are two situations: no wallpaper wall height plus the Conference about 5 to 8 cm in length, used as a trimming: wallpaper consider the symmetry of the pattern, so cutting length according to the actual situation to increase, usually an extra 8 to 10 cm.

3. brushing rubber liquid: will wallpaper rubber liquid with hair brush brushing in Conference good of wallpaper back, special attention around edge will to coated full rubber liquid, to ensure construction quality, coated good of wallpaper, coated rubber face folding placed 5-10 minutes (attention, shall not be imposed forces, so as not to wallpaper appears folding trace, especially RFIDs cloth) makes rubber liquid full through into paper end of Hou can posted, each brushing number update wallpaper, and according to order posted.

4. construction of wallpaper: usually the door or inside corner posts first wallpaper from top to bottom, top down using the scraper, from the inside out and gently scrape wallpaper, squeeze out air bubbles and excess rubber solution, make the wallpaper flat against the wall.

5. clean trimming: extra wallpaper cut on both ends, knife-sharp avoid Flash, cropped some wall cloth best market sells 1.5 Yuan each, when Japan imported blades. Then with a sponge damped in water residue on the surface of wallpaper glue completely clean to avoid wallpaper turns yellow, wallpaper after drying, if it is found there are bubbles on the surface, use a knife to cut into the glue and then flattened to eliminate (needles and better).

(B) considerations in construction:

1. before construction, you should carefully check the consistency of the wallpaper color number, lot number. And understand the construction type of wallpaper, colorful paper flowers will need to, construction of plain paper to positive and negative directions.

2. glue the quality will directly affect the life of the overall effect of wallpaper and, so you need to buy authentic brand of glue or wall.

3. dry stick, directly in the wallpaper is evenly coated with glue on the back of the construction method, mainly for plastic face wallpaper. Cross end of fabrics and non-woven fabrics, the wallpaper does not require gluing.

4. glue compatible size concentration to a chopsticks can stand in the glue for the judging criteria.

5. plain paper wallpaper when construction, not scraping, wiping paper glue, so as to avoid contamination of the wallpaper surface.

6. sporadic wallpapers do not throw away for future patches.

7. once the wallpaper is posted, to close doors and Windows, 24 not to open Windows, wallpaper to dry slowly.

8. when the walls which necessitated the hoisting of painting or other accessories, should be nailed with nails on the wallpaper of a "v"-shaped, so the patch later.

(C) wall construction method of fabric:

Construction methods, like General wallpaper Basic. Points for attention:

1, because the wall cloth itself will absorb water, it should be added the right amount of white glue to glue, to increase adhesion.

Use of rigid scraper 2, but a soft brush, so as not to damage oil on canvas.

3, if the glue overflow to sponge up, inter alia, in order to avoid damages oil on canvas.

(D) the power switch and outlet carrying method:

1, after you turn off the main power supply construction, so as to avoid electric shock.

2, set the wallpaper covers the entire power switch or socket, cut two diagonal from the center point, there will be 4 small triangles to the knife along the power switch or outlet around extra wallpaper removal.

3, with the cloth to clean the excess glue.

Considerations after four, wallpaper, wall stickers

After the wallpaper, wall tile, doors and Windows should be opened during the day, keep the ventilation; You want to close the doors and Windows at night and prevents moisture from entering, while also protecting against just posted on the walls of wallpaper, wall was blown loose, thus affecting the strength of paste. Regular vacuum cleaner for wallpaper, the wall cloth, being careful to vacuum cleaner for suction head. Daily found that wallpaper, the wall cloth special dirt tracks to erasure in a timely manner, against water wallpaper, the wall cloth can be scrubbed with water-resistant, with a dry towel after washing dry; Not water resistant wallpaper, walls with rubber cloth, wipe, or with a towel moistened with cleaning solution and wring lightly after wiping. Usual attention to prevent the hard impact, friction, wallpaper and wall fabrics.


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